Transair-05 (multiprogrammed)

This device is developed for health professionals working in medical and research institutions who want to offer their patients an above average service. Transair-05 has a wide range of electrical action modes and is equipped with a number of service devices: control of pulse frequency, countdown timer regulating the session duration, frequency modulation control and automatic check function. The device has a multilevel electric system for patient safety (Transair-05 automatically shuts off in case of malfunction).




Each operation mode of the device is implemented with a voice and musical support which not only makes it easier to use but helps to enhance the psychotherapeutic treatment. Thus the device is perceived as an animate object which therefore has more credibility.

Transair-05 (multiprogrammed) suits specialists who prefer to use a creative approach when treating their patients, so that they could select individual settings for each therapy.

The device comes with a musical therapy CD.

Types of electric current: pulsed monopolar current and pulsed bipolar current with frequency modulation control, direct current in combination with pulsed monopolar current, direct current.

  • Magnitude of impulse current: up to 5 mA
  • Magnitude of direct current: up to 5 mA
  • Power-line supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Size: 290х200х155 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg

Manual download


  • Devices for non-invasive transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic system: application for improvement of human Psycho-physiological status


  • The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC


  • Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic. System as an example of the uninvasive functional electrostimulation of the brain homeostatic mechanisms: Activation of tissue repair