The titanium electrodes

titanium electrodesThe electrodes for TES therapy, professional.

If You are going to use the unit "Doctor TES" for many people, it is advisable to buy these instead of the standard gel electrodes. The gel electrodes are individual and designed for about 40-50 procedures, "titanium" parts of the electrodes have a virtually unlimited period of operation.

Working parts (metal patch) electrodes made of titanium, headband of textile tape, for fixing the size of the head used textile clasp type "Velcro".

By default, the data electrodes are designed for use with the devices of the APPARATUS. However, the order is technically possible to replace the connector for the machine Doctor TES-03. Please indicate the device you are targeting with headband.

Supplied to these electrodes already are special pads made of flannel fabric. Before fixing the headband on his head liberally moisten a strip of warm water or heated to room temperature boiled water and press it slightly. After the installation procedures should rinse and boil without soap and washing powder, then be sure to dry.


  • Devices for non-invasive transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic system: application for improvement of human Psycho-physiological status


  • The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC


  • Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic. System as an example of the uninvasive functional electrostimulation of the brain homeostatic mechanisms: Activation of tissue repair