Doctor TES

What is a "Doctor TES-03"?

Invaluable assistant

TES-therapy is a revolutionary method that allows you to restore normal functioning of the human body. Devices for TES-therapy are designed to get rid of various health disorders, as well as fatigue, depression, poor sleep, etc. The method is based on the discovery of a way to activate the natural process of endorphin and serotonin production in humans brain.

This is medical equipment

Doctor TES-03 is a compact professional device for home use, developed by scientists and engineers of our company. Doctor TES-03 has convincing evidence of effectiveness and experience in using more than 10 years in medicine in Russia and many other countries.

The TES-therapy method, as well as our medical devices, have been awarded numerous Russian and international awards, including the Russian Government Prize in the field of science and technology 2004. The scientific literature has published more than 400 articles devoted to the study of the effects of the method. Medical centers and clinics operate more than 3,000 professional devices for TES-therapy (they are called TRANSAIR), and more than 100,000 people use the Doctor TES device at home.

The effect of regular use of the device in your home is comparable to the effect of treatment courses in a sanatorium, but significant savings in time and money have been achieved.

Easy to use

Doctor TES useInsert the battery into the device, fix the electrodes on the forehead and behind the ears - and you are ready for the session.

The device is equipped with a set of electrodes on a gel basis, which is easy to use. Just stick them on the forehead and behind the ears, connect the contacts and start the session.

A set of electrodes can be purchased separately from the device.

Doctor TES - the perfect gift

Most of all, Doctor TES needs those who experience constant mild pains - headaches, joint pains, and also with depression, insomnia, drug dependence. But the device will be useful not only for people with pain - it is recommended for those who work under stressful conditions or lead an active lifestyle, play a lot of sports.
The use of the device eliminates the need for frequent medication, which means that such a gift can be not only pleasant, but also really useful.

Doctor TESMain applications Doctor TES-03:

  • Effective response to pain, stress, fatigue and sleep disturbances
  • Normalization of women's health
  • Boost your immunity to colds
  • Treatment of hypertension and hypotension
  • Normalization of the stomach, intestines and liver
  • Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Rehabilitation after sports injuries and stress

Contraindications TES-therapy:
  • Convulsive conditions, epilepsy
  • Brain injuries and tumors, infectious lesions of the central nervous system
  • Stage III hypertension, hypertensive crisis
  • Acute mental disorder
  • The presence of skin lesions in the areas of the electrodes

SpecificationsDoctor TES box
Type of current - pulse bipolar
Current 0-1.5 mA
Automatic timer for 30 minutes
Battery voltage 9 volts
Battery current 25 mA
Weight: 0.1 kg
Size: 114x60x52 mm


How to buy?

The device costs 140 EUR

To buy Doctor TES or another TES-Therapy device,  contact us by e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or leave your request in the order form below.

We send the order by post after payment (PayPal or Visa/MasterCard)

Attention! We are the sertified manufacturers of this equipment, so when buying devices from us, you will never buy a fake.

Manual download



  • Devices for non-invasive transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic system: application for improvement of human Psycho-physiological status


  • The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC


  • Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic. System as an example of the uninvasive functional electrostimulation of the brain homeostatic mechanisms: Activation of tissue repair