About TES center

TES center Ltd. is a scientific and production organization aimed to introduce the mechanisms of transcranial electrotherapy stimulation into medical practice. The company is licensed to carry out medical device manufacturing activities by the Federal service on supervision in the sphere of public health and social development (license № 99-03-001095 of 04/24/2008 till 04/24/2013).

The History of TES center

The research and practice center named Brain defense mechanisms was founded in 1991 for the purpose of starting commercial manufacture of TES therapy devices. Over 6 years these devices were produced under ETRANS trademark at the Yaroslavl’s radio manufacturer under the license of TES therapy originators.

In 1996 the research and practice center was reorganized into TES center Ltd. which started the production of TRANSAIR (TRANscranial electrotherapy Stimulator for Analgesia, Immunity and Reparation) devices. Several types of TRANSAIR devices were developed for healthcare professionals in different medical departments: medical, stationary and multiprogrammed devices.

In the late 90s the information about these devices appeared in media. An item in the Okhrana truda (Labor protection) newspaper led to an enormous amount of purchase orders from health resorts and company medical centers. By that time TRANSAIR devices had been successfully functioning at the N.V. Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute of First Aid, Burdenko N.N. main military-and-clinical hospital, S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy and many other leading medical facilities in Russia. TES center’s own production capacities were not enough anymore. The center started to place orders with other manufacturers, as well as to expand its own production facilities.

In 2001 a first TES therapy device for household usage, TRANSAIR-02, was released. It was produced by one of the Moscow factories under TES center’s license for 5 years.

By 2005 TES center came out with a new generation of TRANSAIR devices: -03, -04, -05. One more type of treatment was introduced – audiological. TRANSAIR-07 was developed for the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss. TES center’s own manufacturing area in St. Petersburg was used to release the new lineup developed on modern element base.

Today engineers who work at the TES center in I.P.Pavlov Physiology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a fundamentally new model of household device: it’s easy, handy, inexpensive and has a modern design. The first batch of the devices under Doctor TES trademark rolled off the production line in February 2010.


  • Devices for non-invasive transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic system: application for improvement of human Psycho-physiological status


  • The certificate was issued on the grounds of labor conditions inspection according certification scheme "Certification" SAC


  • Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic. System as an example of the uninvasive functional electrostimulation of the brain homeostatic mechanisms: Activation of tissue repair